Monday, January 31, 2011

It is drop dead gorgeous outside.

And -18 degrees.

It' so cold that my breath just about freezes in my chest when I take the red puppy out for her morning constitution. The sun is blinding and air hums with brilliance. What a great day! All this sunshine energizes me. Now what can we do outside in negative degree temperatures?

First of all, breakfast!

The kids are off from school today and are still sleeping in, those lazy bones. So after a big breakfast of huckleberry pancakes and a pound of sugar cured bacon (we have a friend who we get our pork from- he raises all his meat the way we would here on our farm and then sugar cures the hams and bacon. The meat is really good and since I know how he handles the animals, I'm happy to buy pork from his family) we are going to venture outside to have some fun. Maybe cross country skiing! We have been so busy with basketball-scouts-volleyball-babysitting-school stuff that we haven't XC skied this whole winter.

But for now, the house is quiet and the red puppy is contentedly chewing on an old bone. I think I'll put on another sweatshirt, get a big mug of coffee and catch up on some correspondence......and warm up.


  1. Liz- it looks gorgeous there in Montana, but I don't know if we could handle that -18 degrees! Get this: this weekend was in the 70's here in Ardmore & guess what today has been? 40's and tonight-tomorrow there is a chance of "wintery mix" with high's in the low 20's!! AH! Will update my blog with pictures if it snows :) Hope y'all keep warm up there...


  2. Wow, -18° is a bit on the chilly side. We are at a balmy 2°right now but I won't complain after seeing your temperature...brr.:)

  3. M- I talked to Nana this morning and she said that all of the DFW metroplex was shut down due to ice and blowing snow! She said that the forecast is for -6 in FW tonight! Sounds like a little bit of Montana found its way to Texas.

    Mr. H- I know y'all get your fair share of cold. (My MIL lives in North Idaho so we hear about it!) It’s just our turn this time! Stay warm.....

  4. it's also looking drop dead cold brrr....There is also a bit of beauty in it too.

  5. Oh, yes. It is beautiful! And brutal. I often think of the pioneers who first settled in this state during extreme weather like this. They must have been some tough mamas and papas!
    Thank you for reading! Stop back by anytime.