Sunday, January 30, 2011

I began making a list of the seeds that need to be ordered for this year’s garden. I have several packets of left-over seeds yet. So I need to research the "shelf life" of some of these before ordering more. (IE: How long to carrot seeds last in storage before losing virility? One year? Two?)

I LOVE ordering seeds. It makes me happy. I sometimes think that dreaming of the garden is more fun than the actual working of the garden. In my dream garden there are no bugs or crop failures or freak freezes (in August!!!!)......a perfect garden every time. But the produce doesn't taste as good in my dreams as it does in real life. So I guess I'll stick with the real thing.

To celebrate the time honored task of ordering seeds, I planted some Bright Lights Swiss chard in a pot of organic soil. This pot is going on the window sill next to the sprouting beets. Hopefully between the two, our family will have fresh greens to gorge ourselves upon. Yummm.

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