Monday, January 17, 2011

In praise of cold weather foot gear

Here is my arsenal of cold weather foot gear.

The items might have changed in color or slightly in style, but for the last seven years or more, the gear has basically remained the same. From right to left:

- leather hiking boots and I love them. I wear these almost exclusively in the winter. They hit me right at the ankle which is perfect for most of what I do in the snow - tippy-toe from the house to the 'buban; run from the 'burban to the store; clomp from the 'burban to - the post office, all the schools my kids go to, sometimes church (but not too often. I haven't lost ALL sense of style!).....

- muck boots. These are all rubber and I love them. I wear these only to take care of the animals in all weather but the deep summer. They are water proof, mud proof, poop proof, bomb proof. They also come in different colors and patterns now. I saw a really cute pair in a flowered pattern. These are still in good shape so I can't justify buying a new pair yet. But watch out! I can't wait for the girls in the chicken coop to get a load of my new flowered muck boots!

- snow boots and I love them. My mountain boy husband bestowed these upon me during our first Christmas here in Montana and I cried......for joy. I love these boots. My piggies were very worried that they would suffer when we moved from the relative warmth of West Virginia to the snowy mountains of the North West. They are very warm and toasty and my feet are never cold when encased in these babies. But they are kinda heavy. So I keep them in the back of the 'buban at all times from the first snow fall, just in case I dump the SUV into a ditch or something.

- faux leather booties worn only for church. No Texan would really ever be caught dead in these. They have leather uppers and RUBBER soles. Perfect for wet weather but really only for looks, not for "kicking".

Well, that's the score.
Foot wear for the descerning mountain woman.

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