Monday, January 10, 2011

So there I was, sitting in the pew at church yesterday morning, surrounded by my sweet children, listening to a gifted musician play special music during the offertory. The gentleman was working a violin and was wonderfully talented. He was playing a classic old religious hymn with his own delightful twang of ol’timey mountain music spun into the tune and it was enchanting. As I swayed in my seat, I leaned over to my daughter and whispered that someday I was going to learn to play the violin. She made a sound that was similar to scoff (but off course couldn't have been since she is much too respectful to scoff at her mother) and whispered back “Do you think you are too old to learn to play the violin?” Seeing the look of shock on my face, she tried to back pedal: “I mean, do they have instrument lessons for older people"? Her face was becoming redder and redder: “Do you think you can find a violin you can handle?” It was getter worser and worser: "I mean, are there such things as violin lessons for people in their 40's or 50's"? Finally, she just stopped talking. We stared at each other for a moment. Then she looked ahead with her face all red and herself all embarrassed. I just resumed swaying in time to the music.

I'll show them all I can learn new things.
I'm not dead, you know!
Just watch.
Now, if I can just find me a fiddle!

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  1. Oh Rachael... the funny things you say :) Miss you guys!
    P.S. You are never "too old" to learn something new!

    Love, Meagan