Monday, March 29, 2010

Well, almost

I almost made my goals from yesterday. Well, not even almost. I cut out my daughter's Easter dress and got one tub of honey melted down and transfered to three mason jars. (That honey melting project took a looooong time. 5 hours.) So I got half of my projects completed. OK, not even half. But I did start a batch of cheese unexpectldly. That's got to count for something. Right? Well, maybe if I had actually finished the cheese.

A friend gave me 1/2 gallon of raw milk and since we are getting our own gallon today, I thought I'd try making some cheese with the free milk. (I haven't made cheese for a long time so it won't hurt my feelings if I mess up and have to give the chickens the free, almost cheese, mess.) Since it's been a while, I decided to make a soft cheese. I completed the heating and the mixing of the renet and even acheived the clean break (see my finger mark in the surface of the cheese). Now it'a hanging to allow all the whey to drip out. Tomorrow, it'll be ready for adding herbs and salt....and eating! Yeay!
In the mean time, I think I'll be able to actually sew the elusive Easter of them anyway.

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