Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's snowing

It's snowing. I was expecting a "dusting" because the weather man noted it on the 10:00 news last night. But this is a little more than a dusting. We probably already have an inch or so and it's POURING. (Being from Texas, I'm still uncertain if "pouring" is the right word for "the-snow-is-coming-down-stinking-hard-and-stinking-fast".) It's not even really that cold......just below freezing. A couple of days ago it was raining at this same temperature. I guess it depends on what's going on in the atmosphere above us. (When I was a flight nurse, the helicopter pilots used to describe this kind of weird weather by saying: "there's a disturbance aloft" meaning "I don't know what the heck the weather is doing. There must be a disturbance aloft".)

As I trudged out to the the mail boxes to get the paper this morning, the red puppy was running and jumping and rolling in the wet stuff as if she'd never seen snow before today. She was smiling as only happy dogs can smile. I feel kind of like that too.

I think I'm supposed to be snorting my frustration about the snow. I should be kicking the wet, little drifts and shaking my fist at the sky. It is, after all, the very last day of March. But I like change and the excitement of unexpected weather. I like the fact that I have an excuse to stay in the house today to frantically try and complete all my half-baked projects: Easter dresses that need hemming, cheese that needs salting, dishes that need washing, toilets that need.....well, you get the idea. I like that I might have to scramble for candles if the electricity fails, or that I might have to take a cold shower if the heat goes out. I really like the fact that there are things in the world that we, as humans, still don't have control over; that sometimes I'm put in my place as just another creation. I am not the "lord and master of all". I'm not sure how long it will take living in NW Montana to remember that I am not in control of anything really. I'm sure the weather will remind me from time to time.

The snow is beginning to lighten up and I've got chores to do. The hens and rabbits don't care that it's snowing. They're just wondering why their breakfasts are late. I can hear the roosters voicing their displeasure at my tardiness. I guess I'd better get my non-lord-and-master fanny up and out.

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  1. It is supposed to be 80+ degrees here in Ft. Worth, Texas today! I really wish I could be up there right about now!! :) Post some pictures of the snow if you get the chance! Love ya'll, Meagan