Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tiny powers of life

Just thought I'd take a small peek at the seedling babies I planted Saturday. This is what I saw:

The open zip lock bag incubator..........getting closer:

...the open bag opening (that was a poetic phrase).......closer......

Do you see the tiniest little babies just beginning to show their heads above the moist soil? No? Get closer.......

Now do you see the smallest basil babies? No? Well.....

How 'bout if my freakazoid camera does something weird and flashes even though I didn't push the automatic flash button? Now do you see the little plants? No? Squint your eyes....now use your imagination.....they are there. Tiny and green, just 3 days old, the basil babies are already pushing their heads to the light while stretching their feet into the soil. I am quietly amazed at the persistence of life. Persistent and miraculous.

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