Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mornings....just another hazard of country living

I am not a morning person by nature. No matter how little sleep I've gotten the night before, I tend to really wake up around 9 pm. I used to joke that I'd rather stay up all night to make an early morning appointment than get up early. But living in the country is slowly changing that, much to my chagrin.

Today is the first day of the children's' spring break. We all made a pact to sleep in. No one was to wake the other needlessly. But, the red puppy thought differently and promptly at 6:30 am, she made her needs known. So, I got out of my warm bed, shrugged into my down coat and boots (still in my pj's) and we made our way into the blue haze that is morning. You don't hear birds too often in the winter. They are smart and go away when it snows. But this morning it was fairly warm (33 degrees) and the birds were NOISY little things! Another sign of spring. After our walk, I peeked into the chicken coop. It was still not really light so I knew the domestic birds were still sleeping all tightly tucked next to each other in the rafters of the coop. I snuck into the small building to check on their water supply and was rewarded for my efforts with a large chicken poop on the shoulder. I wasn't offended. They supply me with all the eggs their bodies can produce. And later, they will provide our family with meat. So a little bird poo on my shoulder is a small price. Besides, I should know better than to wander under the bottoms of sleeping birds. (They were probably aiming for me anyway.)

With wet bird excrement on my coat, the puppy and I strolled back to the house where my own little birds were still sleeping. I spilled out enough breakfast for the dog to make her happy and poured my self a cup of coffee to make me happy. I guess mornings aren't so bad. It's going to be a good day.

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