Monday, March 29, 2010

There's a cold front blowing in. The wind is whipping from the south and the western mountains are obscured from view with low clouds. I don't think it will snow. It's pretty warm. But I've been fooled before. (Two years ago the kids and I were hosing off 2 inches of new, wet snow from our precious tomato plants in JUNE!)

In anticipation of a big blow, I got to the evening chores a little early. The wind was whistling around the little, red, shed we use as a chicken and rabbit house. The animals must have felt the change coming because the coop was in a flurry. The chickens were stomping around, picking little fights with each other and making all sorts of loud, obnoxious noises. The rabbits were thumping their big, hind feet bouncing from end to end in their cages in resentment to the wind. Every one was ruffled. Even after being fed and watered they didn't settle down. The little shed is tight and warm so standing there amongst the eating animals is usually peaceful. It was almost pleasant inside the shed this past winter, so I'm sure it's the wind that's got them riled. I don't blame them. I feel a little unsettled this evening, too. I put out handfuls of fresh wood chips for the hens to nestle into and offered a few more winter stored carrots to the rabbits to help them ignore the wind. I'm going to run back into the house and begin fixing dinner. We're home for the night so I might even have a glass of dark, red wine.

It's pouring straight down, now. I could smell it before I even looked out the window. It's getting dark and I can see the storm moving over the mountains, over the chicken coop.......over our home. The wind has died so I'm sure if I peeked into the little chicken house, every one would be settled into their sleep spots, dozing. Meanwhile, the kids and I are going to settle down too; to share marinated pork steaks, mashed potatoes and home canned green beans while watching Donovan's Reef together. I can't think of a better way to spend a rainy night than eating great food with the people I love, watching "the Duke".

Good Night.


  1. Aunt Liz,

    Your blogs are so interesting. I feel like I'm in a novel and it's just getting better and better. I envy you guys and your simple life. I wish I could take pictures like that right outside my window.... I really do. As I am writing you, Avery is snoring in her bouncer, Cody is snoring on the couch & Hunter is playing away in the bath tub. The highlight of my day was getting to take a shower without any interruptions... ha ha. So no blog for me right now. Maybe later? Keep writing, it is so good & I enjoy it so much :)


  2. M- You are a dear. Thank you for your nice comments. Sometimes the words just blaze in my head and have to be written down..... especially when Tim is gone to AK.

    I remember well the first shower I took without being interrupted (last week was it? Just kidding.) Daniel was 3 years old!

    You keep writing too and I'll keep reading. It's nice to be able peek into you life when we live so far apart now.
    Talk to you soon.