Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rainy-- snowy night

Tonight is one of my favorite kind of nights. It's early but the evening chores are completed and the animals are full, contented in their toasty, little, red barn all nestled down into the straw. The kids are home, tucked into the back of the house doing their individual kid things; homework, listening to music (my middle son loves Louis Armstrong), doing push ups, reading. Supper's finished and the dishes are already cleaned up. I'm in the kitchen preparing tomorrows lunches and gleaning inspiration for tomorrow night's supper from favorite cook books, listening to the quiet sounds of evening NPR programs. The window over the kitchen sink is cracked open just enough so I can hear the rain falling. I think later tonight, when we are asleep, the rain might turn back to heavy, wet snow. It's been snowing off and on all day. Winter is trying to scare us into doubt but even she knows that the time for cold blustery days and icy nights has almost come to an end. I think the rain has a kind of hypnotic effect on our family. Even though I don't think they can hear the rain, I think they can feel the rain. The busy world that we've been running with all day has fallen away. All that exists on a night like tonight is peacefulness and rest. It feels so good to rest. I think the kids feel it too. Tonight is one of my favorite kinds of nights.

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