Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today is Sunday. We have a few obligations with several hours at home in between. So there will be no real time to start a long project. But there is a lot to do. Simple plans for a fairly busy day:

-cut out the pattern for my sweet daughter's Easter dress. It's a simple sheath with a pretty cotton design that she picked out. Cutting out the pattern will take longer than sewing the dress itself.

-cut out the pattern for my Easter dress. Same as above but the fabric is a solid background with a larger print (hides fat better).

-melt down the 34 pounds of Montana grown honey and disperse into more manageable mason jars. This is going to take a little while but it's not hard. The trick is to warm the honey just enough to make it pourable but not hot enough to kill the good micro organisms in the raw honey. So, one at a time, the large tubs of honey will be placed in an even larger pot of water then slowly heated until the honey starts to liquefy. Then you just watch it until it's all liquid, adjusting the heat up or down. I'll probably start the heating process before I begin cutting the fabric for either dress. Then I can vacillate back and forth between the two projects, hopefully completing both!

Other than the usual meal fixing, chicken/ rabbit tending, clothes folding, kid wrangling, that's it for the day. I'll take stock tonight to see if I was able to complete everything. It makes me feel good to be able to complete a few projects that otherwise I might have paid for (IE making a dress, making yogurt or butter). There is definitely something wonderfully satisfying about doing it your self.....anything your self. Growing our own food, taking care of our own animals, taking care of the land all gives present happiness and propels us toward future happiness. It is grand.
Have a good, productive day!

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  1. Hi Aunt Liz!

    I absolutely love your blogs :) They are hilarious and your family is the best! I started my own... Of course, not full of adventures like you have, but my own little adventures... I look forward to reading more to keep in touch. Love you guys!