Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's time to get back to blogging.
Though it's been a nice
(unexpected) break I've been gone for way too long. The words have been backing up in my brain. The words have been screaming in my brain. They have to get out! So here we are.....screaming words.

Lots of GREAT things have happened to our family in the last couple of months since I last posted.The best news is that....... WE BOUGHT OUR HOUSE!!!!! Yup- we are now HOME OWNERS!!! The man who owned the great house we were renting generously agreed to come down to our offer. And we now own the house we have been renting for 2 years. We closed about 2 weeks ago.

Living in this house for a while before buying it has it's advantages and disadvantages.

The pros are-
--we don't have to move;
--we already know the house pretty well so we (hopeful) won't have any unhappy surprises;
--we don't have to move;
--we have 10 wonderful usable acres to spread out onto (I see a much bigger garden, a barn and fruit trees in our future....maybe even our own milk cow!);
--we don't have to move;
--the kids love the house:
--we don't have to move;
--we know our neighbors and our 'hood already;

and the best news of all is...... we don't have to move!

The cons are-
--we won't have that excitement that comes with moving into a house and won't have that "honeymoon phase" but as far as I'm concerned, it's a small price to pay to not have to move! Yea!

The house has been a rental for about 6 years and needs the TLC that comes with ownership. So in the next several months I will be discussing garden plots, barn plans, fruit tree hardiness and wood stove models. Of course we will be painting and replacing the roof (well, the roof will have to wait until summer as the whole of NW Montana is covered in 10 inches of late Fall snow!) and pricing hard wood floors.
So we have some work to do.

But the house is ours! Warts and all!

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