Monday, December 27, 2010

Ode to a crock pot

Crock pot, oh crock pot.

How I love thee.

You are a marvel to behold.

You make chicken chili.

You keep my potatoes warm.

Your innards are easy to clean.

The End.


  1. Aunt Liz-

    Your posts are so entertaining... this one had me laughing out loud (LOL) literally :) Love it!


    p.s. this crock pot looks amazing!

  2. Yup, this baby was bestowed upon me as a requested Christmas present from Luke. He was more excited than I was! It's a GE brand and so far has been an excellent crock pot. (We are kind of hard on the ol'appliances.) My old one had cracked handles, the lid handle was about to fall off (and I had already replaced it once), and the crock itself had small stress fractures in the base (IE: it was about to "go"). So it was defiantly time for a new one. These guys are great, though. I use mine at least 2-4 nights per week during the school year!