Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Do you see a road here? Neither do I.


  1. SO JEALOUS! We had a "hot" front come in--- 64 degrees right now in Ardmore! Come on, already!
    Keep posting pictures so I can feel like I am living an actual winter through you ;)


  2. It's really cold here tonight. The lows are supposed to be in the single digits- not counting the wind chill. Brrrr. Nice to have a toasty warm house to live in. During times like these I often think of the early settlers who were here first. I'm too much of a weenie to have "been here first".
    Love you guys.

  3. Liz- SINGLE DIGITS! Oh, my! That is pretty darn cold ha ha! I don't know how you do it, with Tim gone. You are such an amazing person! You are a great mom & wife!! I look up to you! Stay warm & tell the kiddos hi for me!

    Love y'all!