Sunday, February 21, 2010

I used to be.....

I’m a former ER/ flight nurse turned kid wrangler. I used to wear steel-toed boots, a helmet and a Nomex one piece flight suit to work. I’d come home sometimes covered in blood, guts and dirt. I found my husband amongst the blood and guts. He was a transplanted mountain boy/ flight paramedic looking for experience in the knife and gun club of the Great Southwest. Together we fell in love, got married and birthed four wild, wonderful children. We went on to finished graduate school and move back to the mountains of my husband’s youth. Now I find my days filled with fixing (I’ve heard rumors that this is not the correct use of the word “fix”. Tough. Most of Texas thinks it is) food for the masses, digging the suburban out of snow banks (I still drive like a Texan) and fervently pursuing thrift as an alternative lifestyle. I am becoming more and more passionate about finding or producing quality food that has not been grown in a chemical slurry (so my kids don’t end up growing a third eye from all the foreign substances in our food). In all my spare time I try to record this hilarious living in pictures and words. Whew....I feel better. Thanks for letting me share!