Saturday, February 27, 2010

I started some seeds in the basement tonight. I started celery seeds from two different seed companies to see which, if either, germinated quicker or produced a better celery plant (a science fair project in the making). And I planted basil and cilantro. (I've found that cilantro is a love or hate herb. I love it and the rest of my family hates it.)

I don't have a green house or I'd start the babies in my own soil mix and wooden flats. But I do have a small room in the basement.....and I'm happy! I used to have just a little corner in my bedroom where I started seeds. Not very conducive to romance (Smooch, smooch."Honey, do I smell basil?" Smooch, smooch. "Why, yes, you do," smoochy, smooch....."hey, where are you going?" "To the kitchen, I'm all of a sudden hungry.")

I usually start the seeds in a cut down milk jug with small holes in the bottom. I gently lay the seeds on top of the soil, mist them and put the whole milk jug tray into a large zip lock bag. Then I place them on a heating pad. You could use a heating pad made for starting seedlings but they seem pretty expensive. I just use a heating pad that I bought at Target a long time ago when I hurt my back (THAT'S another story). The whole shebang goes under some grow lights I picked up at the end of last season for a steal!

And this is the product! These are pictures of our garden last year at about mid-season. The cardboard milk cartons are holding and blanching celery.

Mmmmmm. Good stuff. I can hardly wait.

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