Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ghostly images

I LOVE to take pictures of my kids and events and the cool place we live. But I'm NOT a photographer. Repeat....NOT a photographer. This is usually quite evident in how my pictures turn out.... blurry. I'd like to think it's because I'm collecting images of my kids "in the moment". But the reality is I just stink. I'm trying to get better but it's frustrating. With the advent of Adobe and PhotoShop and all the other computer photo help available to me, there is just no excuse for poor pictures. Except that I still can't shoot and click. I just can't do it! A good example is the above picture. It's blurry....very blurry. You can't tell too much because I took the picture in the dark. (Which is one reason why it's blurry.) So I tried again. This showed up on the screen:

What is that ghostly, cloudy image on the camera? Kind of freaked me out. I pulled the camera away from my face but couldn't see what the lens was picking up. So I took another one.

There is was again!

And again!
Hummm. What the heck was going on? What was I doing?

Before I took these pictures I had been washing dishes at the sink when I noticed how blue it was outside. I wanted to try and capture the blueness. So I quickly wiped my hands, grabbed the camera and stepped out onto the subfreezing porch. With the first picture the camera wasn't set on automatic so the flash didn't snap..... hence the blurriness. But I set it to automatic with the next several pictures and it looks like the flash had captured the steam coming off of my still damp hands. Very cool! I couldn't have duplicated that in a million years! (I know because I tried!). So maybe there's hope for me after if there was just a market for blurry, ghostly images of steam.

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