Monday, February 14, 2011

These area the beets that I planted two weeks ago. It looks like we will be enjoying baby beet greens in our salads in just a couple of weeks!

The Swiss chard I put in is coming along, too. Not quite as fast as the beets, however.
The hens are starting to pull their weight. I gathered 5 eggs today!


  1. How neat, I'm glad you posted this as I wanted to see how the beets were doing for you...excellent.:) 5, I had better tell my gals to get their act together as we only got 3 today.

  2. Actually, I was hoping the beets would have given us some greens by now. But I'm impatient when I'm hungry.

    As far as the hens- well, we've been "carrying" them for weeks....months really. No eggs since November! But finally we are seeing several a day. These hens will be two years old this summer. So I think I'm going to keep the biddies that tend to go broody and sell the others to make room for new babies- maybe buff Orpington’s? I hear they do well in our climate. I'm not sure yet. It's good we have a little time before I have to decide.