Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Something special for my sick boy

My oldest boy is sick. He is home from school.

He is my 16 year old, 6'4'', #190 baby boy (with a beard) and he has a cold in his nose and a cough in his chest. (It's a little disconcerting to see a wad of TP sticking out of his left nostril. He says it's to stem the flow of mucous. I didn't argue. I wanted to include a picture of this event. He did argue.)

To help him feel better and to boost his immune system, I made him a berry/ banana smoothie. This is significant because we haven't had a blender in the house since 2004. Ours broke during one of the moves. It didn't seem like we used it very often so I just never replaced it. Now we have a new blender and the kids are ecstatic! You'd think I'd just had a new baby! Well, maybe not that ecstatic.

Anyhoo, these are the steps for my sick boy's smoothie-in-the-new-blender:

1. Bananas- Because every sweet-ish smoothie I've ever had to drink had bananas in them and because we have bananas that are beginning to go bad, I cut a 'nana (sorry Nana) in two and blended until smooth (without the skin).

2. Berries- We have a plethora of frozen raspberries. Even though we don't have any berry bushes in our garden (yet), raspberries are so plentiful around here and we have so many good, generous friends, we have many, many frozen tubs of berries in our freezer. Therefore, frozen raspberries is the next ingredient.

3. The next ingredient is......HUCKLEBERRIES!!!! One cannot live in Montana and not have huckleberries in their freezer (if indeed they were dragged, I mean, escorted, by their wonderful husbands up into the wilds to pick berries in the grizzly infested mountains). This picture makes the berries look a little like they might have been gathered from the bottom of the rabbit cage but I assure you, they are huckleberries.....gathered in the wild, grizzly infested, etc.

4. Ice cream- I don't usually include ice cream as an ingredient in our smoothies, but the boy is sick and I want him to feel special. And he saw the huckleberries and wasn't convinced that I hadn't made the trip to the rabbit cages so I included the ice cream to reassure him that I love and care for him and would never do such a thing.

Blend all the above until smooth and wala- an immune booster for my sick boy.

If you look closely you can even see the little flecks of immuno-boosting, vitamin jammed molecules in that fruit drink.
One swallow and he says he's feeling better already!
Even if he's not, I think he's planning on going back to school tomorrow anyway.....just in case those weren't huckleberries after all.


  1. Mhm sounds delicious! Hope Peter feels better (and please tell him to shave that beard... he's not allowed to be that old just yet!)

  2. I'd love to partake of that smoothie,it looks delicious..plus I feel a cough coming on (don't know how to make a cough into notes :o(
    I love the idea of 10 acres...I'd work towards it , but now I'm just too old, and my health isn't good enough...

  3. Yes, I wonder about us too. My husband and I are both "middle aged" but I feel 30!
    We are on the 10 year plan. We will work this place hard for the next 10 years and see where that takes us.

    Thanks for reading. I wish I could send the smoothie your way!