Tuesday, February 15, 2011

See these big fat juicy tomatoes that-are-from-another-country-because-Montana-can't-grow-tomatoes-in-the-snow? Aren't they pretty?

My sweet daughter and I found these at the local super market in the organic section of the vegetables. They were on the half price table. They don't look like it but they are on the verge of complete collapse from old age~ all squishy and soft and incontinent. And I bought them. On purpose. These are heritage tomatoes grown organically (at least that's what the sign said). So I'm going to "practice" seed saving with these guys. I've done a little research on saving tomato seeds. But I think I still need practice before I try on the real thing.....not that these are fake but they will provide me with the time to practice before the time crush that is fall.

Pretty soon these red fruits will sacrificed for the greater good: the practice of saving seed.

Stay tuned!!!!

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