Tuesday, September 14, 2010

With the beginnings of the wild winter food preservation finished for now (only for now.....haven't gotten pickles, Borscht or sauerkraut finished up yet), I spent yesterday outside CLEANING UP THE YARD. Even with such few animals, this is a big project. Cleaning out bunny cages and the chicken coop and the turkey yard took ALL day yesterday. However, it's a job well done. (I'm not saying I did a good job. I'm saying when the job is done.....it's good. I guess the saying should be: "it's a job good to be done"!) It definitely looks better.

Our animal count will be adjusted down by at least 2/3 in a couple of weeks. The turkeys are all pre-sold, the meat rabbits are bartered to a friend for the use of her chicken/ turkey plucker and all of the young roosters are going into the freezer. I'm scouring the local fruit stands for give-away soft fruit and veggies to feed the birds to finish out their plump-ness before harvest. Every thing seems to be so hungry right now. It's good to be able to let the turkeys and chickens into the all-but-dead garden so they can clean up the leavings.

Tomorrow I might be able to actually, maybe, possibly............... go huckleberry picking with friends! Shhhh. If the words gets out it'll rain or the car will break or it will snow or my friends won't be able to go......

More later!!!!!

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