Friday, September 24, 2010

These guys just make me smile....

When the corn bit the dust 3 weeks ago. I cried. I don't really like the taste of corn (bleck), but everyone I know, especially my family, LOVES corn. Plus, farmers grow corn. It's part of the "farmers oath" I signed when I began a garden 15 years ago (just kidding, in case you weren't sure). Farmers grow corn. So when my corn stalks froze, I cried. When the green beans froze, I sobbed out loud (I like green beans). When the pumpkins froze, I thought I was going to commit Harry Carry (I don't think that's how you spell "Harry Carry", but the spell check said it was OK). I really like pumpkins. (Big squash just says "fall" to me.) Though I have no control over the weather, I feel like a farmer failure.

So as these big, beautiful flowers continue to thrive even in the freezing cold, well, it just makes me smile. (These sun flowers are way taller than me and I'm pretty tall as far as girls go.)

So I think that I'm going to petition the "farmers oath" people. I think I'm going to propose that farming success should include sunflowers. Maybe the very definition of success should include "sunflowers". Hmmmm. I think I'll write the Websters Dictionary people, too.

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