Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's thundering......

It's just about to rain. I can smell the change in the air.
It's thundering. Right this very second. I can hear the low, rumbling echoing through the surrounding hills and off the forest. I haven't heard thunder for almost a year. It doesn't thunder too much in the winter and although I have heard it a time or two, it's rare.

I love the rain. Especially at night. It has a calming effect on the kids. I can hear them moving around the house performing their routines for settling in for the night. The house is pretty quiet. And I'm sure if I peek into the little, red, chicken coop right now, the hens would be snuggled next to each other dozing in their special spots in the rafters. And the rabbits would have their soft, warm fur puffed up to hide their feet.

I hope it rains all night.

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