Monday, April 12, 2010

It might be spring but it feels like winter

There's a really cold wind blowing off of the northern mountains. It looks like it might snow again. The chickens were reluctant to venture off their perches for breakfast this morning as they are all snuggled into each other. The rabbits were hunkered down covering their feet with their soft fur. They looked like giant spotted puff balls in their cages. No one wanted to move when I first went into the coop. I don't blame them. It was hard to shrug out of my warm bed this morning, too.

On days like this, I have to remind myself that it really is spring and the snow will stop eventually. When we lived in Texas, if you didn't already have your potatoes planted by February 14, they wouldn't have time to make before it got too hot. I was planting tomatoes and warm weather tenders by April's end. But here in Montana I wouldn't even think of planting potatoes yet. And the tenders won't go into the soil until late May or the first week of June. So I have to placate myself by wandering down to the basement where the new seedlings are thriving in plastic containers and (home made) organic liquid fertilizer. Running my hand gently over the tomato and oregano babies lets off an amazing aroma. Closing my eyes I can breathe deeply and dream of summer.

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