Saturday, April 17, 2010

The coolest thing just happened. My mountain boy is home from AK! So he was in charge of the red puppy this morning.....yeah...the first morning I was able to sleep past 7 am in the last 3 weeks. Well, at 7:02 he blew into our bedroom saying that there was a coyote in our south fields. Humph. We had been watching this animal for about a week (but he hasn't been home). She had been stalking field mice and voles in the evenings. But I thought she was a fox. Well, what do I know! (Obviously nothing about what is a fox and what is a coyote.) The COYOTE was digging and stalking small rodents like she had all week when a small band of deer trotted past. It was the second group of does that had made their way past the coyote back into the woods and though they trotted instead of sauntered, none of them seemed too worried about one lone fox-that-was-really-a-coyote out digging in the field. Then a smallish doe with a slight limp trotted past the canine and the chase was on! Faster than I could even imagine, the lone coyote was in jet-fast pursuit. The whole field erupted in blazing hooves and dog-like paws. Every deer just disappeared as the coyote chased the limping doe into the forest. All I could do was stand at the window and watch. It was amazing. It was a Marty Stouffer nature film taking place in my south fields.

Of course now I am wondering what the outcome was. So as soon as it warms up a little (it's 26 degrees right now), my daughter and I will go exploring into the woods. With the bear spray........just in case. I can't wait!

9:30 am- Update: Nothing! We traipsed around the woods for about an hour and found nothing. No blood, no deer corpses, no hanging limbs, no cool blood and guts. (Sorry for the graphic wishes. Everyone does know that I'm a nurse, right?) Nothing.

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