Monday, April 5, 2010

Chickens and a Rabbit or..... 10 hens and a bun

Here's a veiw to the chickens pecking, kind of frantically, at a handful of dehydrated corn. One of our escaped rabbits from last fall gets into the action too.

Here's the story on the rabbit: last August, I separated a litter of 8 week old rabbits- does from bucks- with the intent to save the does for breeding and harvest the bucks for the freezer. They were split up with one cage of 3 does and another with 5 young bucks. Well, one night really late, I heard a funny sound coming from the back porch where the rabbit cages were at the time. But I just rolled over and went back to sleep instead of investigating. The next morning I noted with the utmost sadness that the buck cage had tumped (yet another Texan word; "tumped" meaning "to tip") over the step Finding Nemo-style (remember the scene of all the fish in the net?) and spilled all the young rabbits into the night. Of course they were no where to be found. The next several weeks we spied them frolicking in the yard and fields by our house. Though we could never catch them once they tasted freedom, I left food out for them through the winter. All but one disappeared. That one is pictured in the video.


  1. Oh that Bunny is just lovely. Its illegal to keep rabbits here, otherwise i'd love a couple (although as pets, not for the pot).

  2. Yes, our rabbits are lovely. They are precious when they are little and I'm always concerned about whether I'll be able to "do the deed" when harvest time comes. But by the time comes to harvest the rabbits, I'm over their cuteness (they're not so cute by then!)
    Thank you for stopping by the blog. It's nice to see new folks. Please come by anytime. You are always welcome!