Sunday, April 5, 2015

Scaredy cat....ummm.... chicken

This is what the inside of our coop looks like right now. The new little pullets are roaming around the bottom of the coop scratching and playing hide and seek with each other while the older hens (and husband roo) are outside in the chicken yard (complaining loudly that it's "so unfair" they are locked up!)

While up above our heads a lonely hen is hovering in the rafters. She talks and squawks and flutters and attempts to fly down and out where her sisters are but balks at the very last second and makes her way back up to the safety of the high beams instead.

I think the activity of the adolescent chicks on the floor of the coop is making her fearful. She's afraid of all that movement and fun and loud music and cigarette smoking that's coming from the teenage birds below her.

She's so afraid that she can't even bring herself to leave the safety of the rafters.

I don't blame her. These little girls are pretty scary. 

If she doesn't come down by tomorrow, I'll climb up there and return her to her sisters, the scaredy cat.

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