Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's snowing......

OK, so it's snowing. I'm pretty sure it's not going to stick. It's still early in the year. Actually, spring is only 13 days old. And she's just throwing a little temper-tantrum.

I'm not going to freak out. But I am disappointed. I was hoping for an early planting season.

So in honor of (one of) the last (small, short) bit of snow we'll see for the spring of 2015, (please God), I am going to start some melon and tomatoes seeds in milk jug flats. 

But as it often happens, my plans were hijacked by a few desperate hombres.
Hungry Hombres.....

And pizza was on the menu.

The world's best pizza dough (I'm looking for the post where I spelled out the recipe.....more on that 
when I find it!)

Pre- baked said pizza dough.

Homemade pesto from last summer's basil mixed with mayo.

(Ohmygoodness.....we have several zip-locked bags of this amazing pesto hidden in the freezer for times such as these. When the family needs a reminder that summer is indeed not a figment of our imaginations, I just pull out a frozen cube of mystic green pesto and we are transported back to warm summer breezes and long sunny days. Just the scent of basil alone is magic filling the kitchen with promises of summer.)

Shredded cheddar.

Baked at 400 for 10 mins again......(to melt the cheese)


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