Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's the end of March and as per usual, the wind is blowing. It seems that March sneaks into Montana quietly, sometimes with snow, then blows herself out in blustery westerly winds. 

There's not much snow left on the ground now. And the chickens are happy to march about picking at the left over grasses and scratch at the newly emerging green.

They don't seem at bit bothered by the wind though it blows their feathers every which way. 

They do look like the wind is blowing up their skirts! 

Here's our proud rooster. He's only a year old but he takes his job very seriously. You can see that he's always got his head up watching for danger. Watching over his charges. 

Several months ago the flock was attacked by a dog. The dog, who was really still a puppy, was only playing with the chickens but to this rooster, his girls were at risk. And that is just not allowed. He got in between the dog and the hens until they were all safe. The puppy only managed to pluck off his tail feathers. 

But not one hen was wounded or ruffled or licked.
This guy is a chicken hero.
I don't think the hens even notice his lack of tail feathers.
I know I don't.

PS: I found my camera! Yippee!

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