Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Carrot update....Ewwww!

So I (finally) peeked into the All-Natural-Play-Sand bucket where the 10 pounds of sweet carrots were lounging until we were ready to eat them. The plan was to sample them through the winter to determine if storing carrots in sand was a viable option for winter eating. Well, to put it bluntly.....it was a bust.

There are some carrots that are partially crisp but mostly they are just slimy. I don't think there was one whole edible carrot in the entire bucket. I admit that I didn't look at them until yesterday so the bucket might have become so cold that the carrots froze in the sand. But I don't think so. None of the other food we have stored next to the carrot bucket froze and those other items are not protected in sand. For whatever reason this experiment just didn't work for us.

So, going forward, if we want carrots through the winter I will probably just pressure can them in quart jars. I love canning so this isn't a hardship. However, it does take time and resources. I was hoping that we could store the carrots raw. But further research will have to be completed before we can store them raw. Stay tuned. 

(Hmmm. Now what am I going to do with #50 of slimy-carrot-All-Natural-Play-Sand?)

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