Friday, August 27, 2010

I woke up Monday morning to a sparkly, glistening sheen on all outside surfaces. Hummm. Had it rained in the night? As I pondered what I was seeing, it dawned on was frost! I grabbed my robe and padded out to the thermometer on the front porch and read with huge disappointment......33 degrees.......

I quickly made my way to the garden water hose and turned on the sprinkler hoping to salvage the summer crops. They were struggling anyway between the extremely cool, wet spring and the less than warm summer. This very cool weather might just finish things off.

Dang it. No zucchini or home grown pumpkins this year. Who would have thought that the middle of August would present freezing temperatures! Though I think the lower areas of the squash were probably unaffected by the almost-freeze, there's not enough time left in the summer for the plants to recover enough to make fruit.

So it's off to the fruit stand and farmers market tomorrow to see what I can buy. It's a good thing we are not pioneers or we would starve this winter......

Here's a picture of Daniel's birds....very pretty.


  1. 33 degrees!! NO WAY!!! That is crazy!! Sorry about your plants :(

    It has been in the 60's in the morning here in Ardmore, perfect weather :)

    Miss you guys!!!!!


  2. Yes! I am very interested in some recipes. My email is

    Thanks for the birthday wishes to Hunter :)