Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ribbons at the Fair!

Well, Daniel's hard work paid off! He won two ribbons at the Flathead County Fair for his birds this week. He's pretty am I.

Backyard chickens are popular around here right now. So he's hoping to sell some of the banties to a few folks who would like their own fresh eggs. The birds he raised are a breed called Mille Fleur. I've never seen this type of chicken but the pictures of the mature birds are outstanding. These little guys are the perfect backyard pet. They are quiet, good at free ranging but small enough to be happy in a cage if need be. We have been transporting them back and forth in a small dog kennel so they are pretty portable, too. He's already pre sold most of his flock so he will have a nice start on seed money for next year's project.

Hopefully I can get a couple more pictures posted here before too long.

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  1. I'm glad you guys had a good vacation, looks like it was LOTS of fun :) Send a congrats to Daniel from us!! Good for him! And I cannot believe how big everyone is! I bet they are all taller than little 'ole me.. haha

    Sure do miss you guys! Maybe soon we can take a trip of our own & come up there to visit. That sure would be fun! Love ya'll so much :)

    Meagan & family