Sunday, June 6, 2010

Country kids just having fun

Yesterday, my youngest son ran into the house laughing and begged my husband and I to come out side to see what he and his brothers had done. Well, I was expecting the garden completely planted, or the lawn completely mowed, or a new barn built, or the back pasture completely fenced. But what he showed me was, um, different than what I expected.
First he took us out to the middle of the driveway. Did we see anything funny (the messy garage didn't count)? He asked us, just laughing so hard tears were starting to form in his eyes.

No? How about if we moved closer? Do I see anything funny about the top of the garage?

No? Don't we see anything weird about the roof of the garage?

No? Move closer, mom. What about now? What is that?

What is that lump....with legs?


My youngest launched into this story about how he and his brothers found a dead frog. We have lots of dead frogs around lately because of the immense amount of rain we have had (only 2 nice days since the middle of May and those were half days where the sun came out just in the afternoon). For some reason known only to boys, my sons picked up the dead frog and were tossing it back and forth between them, kind of like hot potato, but with a frog (hot frog?).

Anyhoo, one of them got the great idea of throwing the frog over the house to see if it could hit their sweet, innocent sister who was playing with the red puppy in the back yard. Since the pitch of our roof is so steep, it was a real challenge to toss the frog over the roof into the back yard without completely missing the yard and landing the frog into the back pasture. Most of the attempts ended with the dead frog rolling down the front of the house back into the waiting hands (bleck) of one of my boys. (As my son was recounting this part of the story, he interjected, with glittering eyes, how COOL is was to watch the frog roll down the roof instead of sliding.) All this was great fun until it was the youngest son's turn to launch the frog. Instead of the frog rolling down the roof like the other attempts, he had (masterfully, he added) tossed the frog at just the right velocity as to have the frog land just on the tip of the roof.....balancing perfectly......with it's legs in the if it had gone to heaven in just that exact spot.

I was slightly appalled and was just about to tell my boys how gross that was when my husband placed his arm around his youngest boy's shoulders and said with admirartion, "Wow, that's just about the best shot I've ever seen with a frog, son. I'm proud of you!"

I have lived with them all my life in one way or another- dad, brothers, husband, sons. But I don't think I'll ever understand them. (Bleck).

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