Wednesday, June 30, 2010

9:50 pm- out the back pasture

I love the evenings. Here in Montana the summer evenings seem to go on forever. Daylight activity slows and the air feels good as it cools. Night time breezes become damp enough to want a sweat shirt. Owls can be heard calling to each other deep in the woods. The chickens fluff out their feathers and settle, each in their own place in the rafters of the little red coop. The rabbit does bed down in the straw and the babies snuggle into their mothers. The turkeys, interestingly enough, don't roost but bunch up together into a big, white, turkey pile, one on top of the other. Quiet voices of my family drift over to me through the open windows of the house as I finish the last of the evening chores. Evenings are good.

10:20 pm.

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  1. Hey ya'll! It has been so long since I have read your blogs!! Miss you guys! Beautiful pictures & the kids, well, aren't really kids anymore! :) Love you!