Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brrrr.....It's colddd!

Minus 1 this morning on my front porch. 
While we've been colder, it's not very often we get this cold in November. We've had such a mild fall, I think the cold snap took everyone by surprise, even though we knew it was coming. Just the sheer force of the cold on your body when out doing farm chores is a jolt. 

This is ice formation on the INSIDE of the window in the south facing office!


When I was little, living in Texas, I'd read about the temperatures being such that the windows on your house would have that fuzzy look to the edges and corners.

This looks like condensation, but it's ice :)

Or you'd see a show on TV that depicted a winter view of a house with the windows frosted over.

I have a little different perspective now.
Looks like it's chili for supper!

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