Friday, September 21, 2012

This is a water hose.
I bought it this spring.
It leaks.

This is a perfect illustration why it's not a good idea to buy cheap equipment. The leaks are right along the area where the brand name of the company that makes this hose is stamped deep into the rubber. The stamp somehow must have created a weakness in the integrity of the rubber leading to a hole and it now leaks. I bought this water hose for a cheap price at a big box chain store which name starts with a "Cost-" and ends with a "-co". And even though this particular item is not the best workmanship, I'll buy there again. I really like the store. When I take the hose back, they will refund my money or give me another hose without question. So I shouldn't be complaining except that it takes time out of my very busy harvest-work schedule to run into town. So I won't replace it until after the work is done......sometime around the end of November........
But it's pretty frustrating just the same.

I should have known better.
A price too good to be true is just that.....not good.

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