Saturday, June 9, 2012

Here we are on a Saturday afternoon, catching up on some chores between downpours.
The work never ends but is oh so important. 

14 year old son mowing the dandelions, um, lawn, in the rain. This is a big job. With all the rain we've had the yard looks more like the pasture it once was instead of a lawn. He is taming the beast. (See his muscles? See his mud boots?)

 13 year old son weed eating. This job isn't terribly huge, but this kid's mother likes it to look "just so" therefore he needs to do it "right" the first time or he'll have to do the job again. Poor kid.

17 year old son helping his dad, my beloved, put the final touches on the back of the little red chicken coop where the run is going to be. This way there won't be chicken poo all over the place (IE: the front porch).

15 year old daughter, planting yet another row of potatoes. She'd MUCH rather be reading, but she does love potatoes and understands the value of growing our own food. So she's happy to help (and I mean that).

Later, we'll gather for a feast of grass fed hamburgers, sharp Cheddar cheese, onions, dill pickles, home fried potatoes, home brew (for the parents).......

food fit for kings and hungry, hard working, well deserving kids!


  1. Yup...I'm living with a bunch of almost-adults!