Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!!!

We have lots of GREAT things going on here at Mountain Harvest Farm! These greatness-es will each have their own post but let me show a few pics to get the ball rolling!

We now have pigs! Three little pigs! (Well, they're not too little any more. The only thing growing faster than these pigs on this farm are our children!)

 We now have a much larger garden spot AND raised beds!!! Two of them (so far)!!!!

         My beloved made the chicken coop door- a REAL chicken coop door!!!


We have more chicks. 10 of them! (I bunched them up in the same bin to show all at one time.)


And, see this spot~ This area will have fruit trees planted here~ maybe by the end of this month as well! Plus, we might, probably, hopefully, have a PERIMETER FENCE  before this month is over!!!! (At least we will have the posts in place.) Yeay! This is great news because the fencing allows for bigger animals; one's that fit into our sustainable food program. Double Yeay!

More to come....stay tuned! (Triple yeay!)

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