Friday, April 6, 2012

We had another dog attack. We were lucky. We only lost one chicken because of our big red rooster.

True to his nature, the rooster saved the day by distracting the dog away from the majority of the flock. (You know, I really don't know anything about what a rooster thinks when he's being attacked. I attribute "manly" thinking to the rooster because he's the "man" of the flock. I just assume that he's thinking "save the the the girls" when he is fleeing away from the hens, pulling the dangerous dog with him. My husband gets a chuckle out of my thinking. He says that in reality, the rooster is probably just screaming "WHAT IS THIS!!!! A WILD WOLFE HAS MY FANNY!!! AGAIN!!! RUN! RUN! RUN!
Humph. I don't care what my husband thinks. I prefer to think that the rooster is selflessly caring for his women.)

Unfortunately, he also got the brunt of the attack.

Or at least his tail feathers did.


I'm glad he was on duty.

I'm sure the girls were glad he was on duty, too.

He'll be OK. Just a few feathers missing.

The dog that "helped himself" is a good dog, usually. He keeps the coyotes away from our neighbor's animals. And we have a really good relationship with our neighbors. I'm sure he won't be back. At least not to eat anymore chicken.

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