Friday, March 23, 2012

And now back to our regulary scheduled program...

Tonight's supper will be the ever loved BEANS.

Slow cooked beans in the crock pot, smothered with onions and dehydrated Swiss chard with a big ol'fat ham bone (with lots of ham meat clinging to it) just plopped down among them......mmmmm. Nothing better than the smell of cooking beans on a cold, almost winters day.
The aroma reminds me of growing up in Texas. My grandmother always seemed to have a pot of beans bubbling on the back burner in her warm, little kitchen. Our house is fragrant with my memories.

These are actually buckskin beans (which I have never heard of but a friend of mine gave me these and we are eating them, by golly!) They taste great and better than that, the beans we don't eat we are able to plant this spring and have them as part of our sustainable food stash. I have saved back about 3 pounds of the huge pile that we were given to put in the garden come warmer weather.

Along with the beans is a pan of apple dumplings.

We have only one more 20 pound box of apples left in our food storage area (IE: a coolish spot in the garage) and some of those are starting to show their age....a little too wrinkled for out of hand eating. So these apples were transformed into a wonderful dessert of apple dumplings. Drop a little blob of whipped cream on top and you have a dessert fit for a king....or multiple children.

There you have it.

Not a bad way to jump back into blogging after a year's sabbatical......supper!

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