Monday, July 26, 2010

Big News!

When I went out to feed and water the chickens today, I found only 6 eggs waiting for me. That's pretty unusual since we have been collecting 10-12 per day. So I searched under each of the two broody hens in case some other persistent little hen laid a couple of eggs in with the incubating eggs. And look what I found.......

There are three little fuzzy headed babies under there. One yellow and two dark chicks. Only one is brave to peek out from under it's momma's warm belly feathers. I just took a quick glance because I didn't want to chill the little guys. Some of them are still damp. I can't wait until the momma hen takes them for their first walk around the coop to show the other hens what they are missing! Motherhood! (Or "henhood" ?)
It's exciting to see this next step in our family's journey to food independence actually taking place. Now if I could just get the tomatoes to make before the first frost. It's going to be a race.......tune in!

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